County of Hawai`i - Traffic and Roadwork


Reckless Driving

phone iconCall 911 (Police)

Road Hazards

phone iconCall 935-3311 (Police)

Road Closure Requests

phone iconCall 961-2227 (Police Traffic Services)

State Highway & Roads Maintenance

phone iconCall 933-8878 (State Highways)

Out of order traffic light icon and text Did You Know?

Traffic signals and stop signs are considered emergency repairs. Please call 961-8341 between 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. After hours, please report to Police at 935-3311.


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After a Flood

In the event your home or property has been flooded, what do you do to cope with and recover from the damage?

  • Know the first steps to take after a flood.
  • Play it safe. The danger is not over when the rain stops or the water goes down.
  • Take care of yourself now and in the days ahead.
  • Check for hazards when returning home.
  • Get Help
    • Contact the American Red Cross for disaster relief:  shelter, food, health and mental health services.
    • List yourself with the Red Cross so family and friends will know that you are safe and well.
    • Listen to your radio for information on assistance that may be provided by the County, State or Federal government and other organizations.
  • Contact your insurance agent to discuss your flood insurance claims.
  • Clean up and repair your home and damaged property.
    • Repairing Your Flooded Home (PDF) gives step-by-step advice from FEMA and the Red Cross on how to clean up, rebuild and get help after a flood. See also “Resources to help you recover from disaster.”
    • Help After a Disaster (PDF) describes the types of assistance available through the Federal Individuals and Households Program.
    • Floodproof. Take your time to rebuild correctly and make improvements that will protect your building from damage by the next flood. Check with the Building Division for the necessary permits.
    • If you hire cleanup or repair contractors, be sure they are qualified to do the job (see Selecting a Contractor/Consultant). Be wary of people who drive through neighborhoods offering help in cleaning up or repairing your home. Check references or get a list of licensed contractors in Hawai‘i.
    • Tips  for saving water-damaged items and recovering flood damaged property.
  • Protect yourself from the next flood with flood insurance.


Resources to help you recover from disaster


  • After a Flood: The First Steps (FEMA L-198). Information for homeowners on preparedness, safety, and recovery from a flood.
  • Repairing Your Flooded Home (FEMA 234) is a 60-page booklet prepared by FEMA and the Red Cross on how to perform simple home repairs after flooding, including cleaning, sanitation, and determining which professionals to involve for various needed services.
  • After the Flood (PDF) factsheet from FEMA and the National Flood Insurance Program.

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