County of Hawai`i - Traffic and Roadwork

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Reckless Driving

phone iconCall 911 (Police)

Road Hazards

phone iconCall 935-3311 (Police)

Road Closure Requests

phone iconCall 961-2227 (Police Traffic Services)

State Highway & Roads Maintenance

phone iconCall 933-8878 (State Highways)

Out of order traffic light icon and text Did You Know?

Traffic signals and stop signs are considered emergency repairs. Please call 961-8341 between 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. After hours, please report to Police at 935-3311.


HAWK Pedestrian Signal





Q: What is the HAWK Pedestrian signal system?

A: ‘HAWK’ stands for High-intensity Activated crossWalK. It’s a new type of pedestrian crossing signal that has proven in several states to increase safety for pedestrians by grabbing the attention of motorists.


Q: How is it different than any other traffic signal?

A: While it looks fairly similar to a traditional signalized pedestrian crossing, the HAWK functions a bit differently. When not in use, it will remain dark. The signal goes through a sequence of six movements after a pedestrian pushes the button.


  • The HAWK signal begins flashing yellow to indicate to drivers that someone will be using the crosswalk.
  • It then goes to solid yellow like a typical traffic signal, advising drivers to prepare to stop.



  • The signal then turns solid red, requiring drivers to stop at the stop line.



  • Finally, the signal goes to flashing red, letting drivers know that after coming to a complete stop, they can proceed with caution if the way is clear - the same movement they would make at any other flashing-red signal.  The signal then returns to a dark state.



HAWK pedestrian crosswalk signal brochureHAWK system brochure