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KVBID, county promote pedestrian safety program (as reported on, March 14, 2012)

Pedestrian carrying orange PedFlag crossing intersectionA pedestrian crosses the intersection, PedFlag in hand. The flag will be placed in a holder on the opposite side for use by the next pedestrian. (Courtesy of Kailua Village Business Improvement District)

Kailua Village Business Improvement District has been working to enhance public spaces including walkability in and around Historic Kailua Village. With the uptick evident in general business growth, there is also a related increase in pedestrians and motorists.

As part of a pilot program to promote pedestrian safety, Kailua Village Business Improvement District (KVBID) is partnering with the Hawai‘i County Department of Public Works to implement PedFlags (pedestrian flags).

The pilot began March 14 at the busy three-way crosswalk intersection of Ali‘i Drive and Hualālai Road.

The PedFlag program is meant to encourage enhanced safety and awareness for both pedestrians and motorists. PedFlags assist pedestrians using crosswalks by gaining the attention of approaching motorists.

With the aid of a brightly colored orange flag that can be held out in front of the pedestrian and/or waved, the pedestrian is better able to attract the attention of drivers sooner by becoming more visible.

“Everyone is concerned about pedestrian safety, especially as we make our community more enticing and walkable,” KVBID President Eric von Platen Luder said. “We have a large number of seniors and children who may need a little more time and visibility in busy crosswalks.”

In many communities where PedFlag programs have been implemented, evidence shows the program is helpful in encouraging pedestrian safety while some communities report less encouraging results.

KVBID believes the low-cost experiment is well worth a try. If the pilot proves to be helpful, additional crosswalks will be included in the PedFlag program.

PedFlags are stocked in holders near the three-way Ali‘i Drive crosswalks and pedestrians are encouraged to take one, cross the street, and replace the flag in the holder on the opposite side for the next pedestrian’s use.

The mission of the Kailua Village Business Improvement District is to make Kailua Village a model sustainable community that is a better place to invest, work, live and play.

KVBID is working cooperatively to improve and maintain the physical appearance and aesthetics of public right of ways, open space and parks, increase cleanliness and security, and attract long term sustainable business and community activity in Historic Kailua Village.

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Orange PedFlags in PedFlag holderPedFlags are placed in holders at the 3-way crosswalk intersection of Ali‘i Drive and Hualālai Road to encourage safety and awareness for pedestrians and motorists. (Courtesy of Kailua Village Business Improvement District)