County of Hawai`i - Traffic and Roadwork


Reckless Driving

phone iconCall 911 (Police)

Road Hazards

phone iconCall 935-3311 (Police)

Road Closure Requests

phone iconCall 961-2227 (Police Traffic Services)

State Highway & Roads Maintenance

phone iconCall 933-8878 (State Highways)

Out of order traffic light icon and text Did You Know?

Traffic signals and stop signs are considered emergency repairs. Please call 961-8341 between 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. After hours, please report to Police at 935-3311.


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Safety Education

Traffic Safety Tips

Knowing and observing traffic safety helps to make our streets and highways safe for everyone. We have safety tips, road safety radio promos and materials that you can use at home or in the classroom.

Traffic Safety stickers and accompanying bookmark

Traffic Safety Illustrations

Children match seven imaginative traffic safety stickers illustrated by Big Island artist Sunny Pauole  to a “Keep our community safe. Drive with aloha” bookmark to “Keep our Keiki Safe.”

Rules of the Road Brochure

Rules of the Road

The colorful Rules of the Road brochure offers safety tips for pedestrians and motorists. Here’s a few of the tips:

Turn or not to turn?

Right turns are allowed at signalized intersections if not prohibited by signs.

Don’t go over the stop-line

If you pass the stop-line before getting a green signal, your call will be dropped at the signalized intersection and the green light will not appear until someone else stops at the stop-line.

Wet paint on roads

Look for signs, “Men Painting Road” or orange traffic cones on wet paint. Ample gaps are left unpainted whenever possible so drives can make turns across the centerline without running over wet paint.

Pedestrian Signals

“WALK” or Walking Man Symbol.   Pedestrians may begin crossing.  Many crossings require a button be pushed in order for you to get the “WALK” signal.

DON’T WALK or Flashing Hand Symbol

Pedestrians facing a flashing ‘DON’T WALK” or Flashing Hand Symbol should continue crossing at the normal pace if they are already half way in the crosswalk. Pedestrians who have not started their crossing should wait for the next “WALK” signal.

Download a free copy of the Rules of the Road brochure.


The brochure describes how devices including smart signs, speed humps, zigzag lines, reduce accidents, collisions, fatalities and promote public safety and welfare by compelling drivers to slow down, enabling them to react to unexpected situations.

Download a free copy of The Traffic Calming brochure.